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 ACTOR Diego Luna ACTOR Donnie Walhberg ACTOR Jackie Earle Hadley ACTOR Jason Dohring ACTOR John Lennon ACTOR Kerr Smith ACTOR Matthew Lewis ACTOR Oded Fehr ACTOR Shaun Micallef ACTOR Vin Diesel ACTRESS Eliza Dushku ACTRESS Jessica Alba ACTRESS Kate Hudson ACTRESS Lucy Hale ACTRESS Shawnee Smith MV A Hard Day's Night MV Christmas Cottage MV Dazed and Confused MV Empire Records MV Friday the 13th (2009) MV HELP! MV Hope Floats MV Inception MV Miracle on 34th Street MV Miss Congeniality MV My Father the Hero MV Saw MV The Accidental Husband MV The Man in the Moon MV Tomorrow When The War Began MV Under the Greenwood Tree MV Uptown Girls MV X-Men Series TV Boy Meets World TV Das Boots TV Degrassi Junior High TV Fraggle Rock TV Human Target TV Jericho TV Point Break TV Seinfeld Fanlisting TV The Wonder Years TV Torchwood TV Veronica Mars: Season 1